What makes Neobed unique?


Testing and certification

You don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety. First, Neobeds are protected by industrial design and secondly, they have received Atest certificate that is performed every 3 years by the Institute of Testing and Certification. The majority of centres specializing in neonatal care of both healthy and premature babies have been using Neobeds and Neobed blankets for several years. For example, this includes The Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Olomouc, Pardubice, Zlin, České Budějovice, Ostrava and many others.


The stuffing of beds

Why are Neobeds so comfortable for your baby?

Compared to other beds, their biggest advantage is that they don’t rustle. Therefore, they provide high quality and long-lasting sleep for your baby. This is mainly ensured by its stuffing which is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It can be machine washed ideally at 60°C.

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What materials are used for blankets and other Neobed products? All materials are produced in the EU from a synthetic dust-and-dirt resistant material. You can choose from various colours. They can be either hand or machine washed ideally at 40-60°C. They can be also tumble dried if using the ‘Delicates’ programme.

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I’ve been taking care of new-born babies and
lecturing about them for over 20 years

When did the story of Neobeds and correct positioning start?

Everything started in 2010, when I returned from my maternity leave to the NICU of The Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague. Here I take care of ill and premature new-born babies. I realized that during my absence there had been no development in terms of babies’ comfort and positioning. Thanks to Neobeds, all babies can now find safety and comfort so they can grow up and become healthy and strong children.

Eva Řežábková

The founder of NEOBED,
the head nurse at NICU at The Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague.