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Hugging hands 3
This combination is used in a majority of perinatal ...
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Detailed description

This combination is used in a majority of perinatal centres at NICU where they treat premature, ill or physiological new-born babies.

It is designed for intensive care units as well as for intermediary and physiological care of new-borns of 500g up to 3,500g. Neobed Care can be individualized to suit the needs of a new-born baby. It can optimize its position and lower the effects of incorrect positioning. The possibility to provide correct and personalized positioning of premature new-borns can have a positive effect on their psychomotor development, can reduce the negative perception of NICU environment and increase overall comfort of a new-born baby.

Thanks to PES stuffing, the bed ensures high quality sleep and correct development. It also holds the baby in a natural and thermoneutral position. The inner component ‘Hugging hands’ enables positioning and swaddling just as the baby needs. This way, it doesn’t miss the warmth and tight space it’s used to from his or her mother’s belly making the baby feel safe. The cream colour of the reverse side allows good visibility for checking the baby’s blood supply. Health certificate is guaranteed by the certificate Atest performed every 3 years by the Institute of Testing and Certification.    


  • Wash at 60 ° C (delicacy program)
  • Includes: Neobed Intensive Bed, Hands Hold, 2 Bones, 1 Heart
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Drying in the dryer is possible with the "delicates" program to dry
  • Heart (Tummy Positioning Aid)
  • Bone (aid for cervical spine positioning)
  • Bed size: 55 × 45 cm
  • Inner filler: 100% PES
  • Outer material: 100% microphase

What makes Neobed Home special?

How to Wrap and Position a Baby in a Neobed Home?

(A child with a hip, fever, or elevated temperature should not be wrapped.)

1. Unfold the inner part

Place the bed in a cot or another safe area and spread out the inner part of the hands on the bed so that the upper ends extend over the upper part of the bed, the right and left sleeve hand and the bottom two hands the lower bed.

Figure 1

2. Position baby so that it lies on the middle part

Place the baby so that it lies on the middle of the hands and the pelvis. Press the baby's hand against the body and drag the right hand arm diagonally over the body. Turn the baby on the right side and slide the remaining part of the sleeve under the body

Figure 2

3. Bend the bottom up

Then put the baby back on it's back and straighten its hand along the body. Bend the lower part of the arms with your hands up and fold over the right side of the arms. Do not tighten so the baby can freely kick with his feet (feet can peek out of the wrap).

Figure 3

4. Fold the ends of the inner part around the head

Drag your left hand over the shoulder and put it under the baby's body. Fold the top of the inner part around the head. When properly wrapped, thanks to tightly pressed hands to baby's body and fixed head, it will sleep peacefully and happily. Now just enjoy more comfort and well-being for you and your baby. I recommend that you continuously check if the baby does not sweating because of bad wrapping.

Figure 4

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